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of The Art & The Music & The Tears of The Macabre;

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This community is all about the art and lifestyle of you, : your works, what you appreciate and consider 'art' what inspires you, dribble writings .. something impressive, art you've found on the web . band album covers ,works you
enjoy   anything you want to exhibit , and anything you want to discuss, and learn more about.

consider what you post on high scale /or nothing at all.
bleak, sorrowful, masterful..or mundane.
post your art ,and impressions !

(no rules, ..but keep more than two,or three images behind an Ljcut./

abstract, agoraphobia, alex gray, aliens, alive, andrei rabodzeenko, art professors, arthur rackham, bauhaus artschool, beauty, bendmind, bleak, bondage spirits, breasts, camille rose garcia, cheval noir, chocolate mattress, christopher gendron, chrome box, claude monet, collision of abstracts, creepers, da vinci, damien hirst, dan eldon, death, demon from.., demonism, edgar allan poe, eggs, elves, erwin olaf, exposure, fingerfood, folklore, force expression, forefather methods, francis bacon, fuschia, gathering leather, gift, greenwich, grim, gris grimly, heartless dictators, henry miller, hieronymous bosch, honest, hp lovecraft, indigo, irrate, jan svankmajer, jim henson, joel peter witkin, kiny mccarrick, louis wain, lullabies, madame guillotine, max r scharf, morbid, nudity, painting, rain, rainbows, roses, salamanders, salvador dali, sanctity, scathing, serial killer profiles, shadow rays, sinisism, slime, stencil, strangers in the night, tame babble onandon, themes aloud, torture, touch your eyes, umbilical, war casulties/amputees, william blake, william faulkner, winter, writing, your gracious, zombies